Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sunday Roundup: #22

Happy Sunday everyone! Those of you who are still here, I hope you're all having a great weekend! :) (Trying very hard to remain nonchalant about the fact that I'm losing followers + failing miserably at it ...) Grumpy feelings aside, let's get on with this post!


Tuesday: I realised a bit late that November was over and December had already begun, so my November Favourites post was a bit late ... but it went up nonetheless!

Thursday: In this post, it was all about embracing the festive season with one of my favourite things when it comes to makeup - red lipstick! Click here to see a roundup of my red lipstick picks for Winter and Christmas time

Friday: Now that we've got our red lipstick needs all sorted out, how about some festive nail polish? Here's a budget top coat by essence that will make your nails look like they're covered in tinsel ... 

This week, I've watched two films in the cinema, What We Did On Our Holiday and Paddington - two very British films I would say! The plot of 'What We Did On Our Holiday' was really different to what I expected, but it was absolutely adorable and refreshing because of it! Plus, the three kids in this really steal the show and are just the cutest (and I rarely say that about kids), and it has Rosamund Pike and David Tennant in it, who are obviously both awesome. My friends and I might have watched 'Paddington' for the sole reason of Ben Whishaw lending his (beautiful) voice to Paddington now, but it's the overall cast and with how much attention to detail this film was put together what makes it a perfect movie to watch for kids and adult kids alike! 

The 8th of December is a holiday in Austria, and my friends and I have planned to go out and have brunch since everyone is free tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that! All that's left for me to do today is chill, drink tea and eat cookies, which is what Sunday should be about every week I think! :)

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