Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sunday Roundup: #23 - No, I'm not dead!

I know that my blog activity this week was zero apart from my post about Holiday shopping from Monday (which I encourage you to read since we all know it's getting very hectic these days!), and I know that I don't even have to make excusese since this is my blog, but I still have two! 

Excuse #1: I have a nasty cold that I've been carrying with me for at least two weeks now. I either can't breathe, feel like I'm going deaf, have a headache or all of the above. I'm particularly whiny about it because I very rarely get sick and it annoys me a lot when I'm not functioning the way I'm supposed to. 

Excuse #2: I've set myself a deadline for completing the 2nd draft of my MA thesis which ended today (I want to hand it in tomorrow), so I've spent the whole week and especially this weekend on finishing it. I should probably be proof-reading right now, but there's not a lot of concentration left ...

I'm really looking forward to handing in the 2nd draft tomorrow so I can focus on nicer things like watching Doctor Who, wrapping Christmas presents and baking cookies. And blogging, of course! I have a few posts in my head that I want to get done next week, so stay tuned!

Hope you all had a better week than I did, and an even better weekend! :)


  1. Sorry to hear you have had a bad cold, hope you feel better soon! It is a great idea setting yourself deadlines for drafts e.t.c, it always feels like a real acheivement whe you meet them and you can enjoy the days afterward focussing on other things. My problem I have with self-imposed deadlines is that I always set myself way too much to acheive, so when I don't meet my 'targets' I feel bad, but hey thats my own fault, and I have never learnt from it :p.

    1. Thank you, I feel like I'm getting better now - being able to relax and not stress about something definitely helped! :) .. I really had to set myself a deadline at this point because I otherwise I could have dragged it out forever, knowing myself.. I just wrote an email to my professor last Thursday saying I'd hand the draft in on Monday, so I had no excuse to procrastinate anymore. Given the fact that I felt like crap on the weekend, it was probably a bad idea but I still managed somehow, let's see how it turns out I guess! :D
      Yeah well sometimes we have to acknowledge that we can't do everything at once, but I think it's better to try and maybe not meet our own deadlines than not to do anything at all! :)


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