Thursday, 4 December 2014

Winter Lipstick Picks - Red Edition

In another attempt to get into the Christmas spirit, I thought it would be a good idea to do a Winter/Christmas lipstick picks post! As you can see, the theme is definitely red - because as we all know, it's the ultimate Christmas lip colour. But there's nuances of course ...

# Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet "Hot Pepper": These liquid lipsticks by Bourjois are perfect for your matte lipstick needs - they don't need a long time to set on the lips, and when they do, they're perfectly matte and last for ages. I find that one coat of this shade gives you a nice reddish tint (similar to what you see on the image above), but add a second coat and it's a beautiful neutral red that would suit a lot of skin tones - what's not to love? 

# Essence Lipliner "Femme Fatale": Now I don't know if Essence still do the exact same lipliner due to the fact that I purchased this a long time ago and they tend to change their collection every now and then; still, whatever red lipliner they're doing now, it's a perfect budget option for classic red shades. If you want to go MAC, maybe give Cherry or Brick a swatch. 

# MAC Viva Glam Rihanna: After a bit of thinking, I came to the decision that this lipstick might be the Christmas lipstick for me this year; simply because it's a stunning red, but since it has a frost finish, it also adds that kind of shimmer that you'd want around the festive season. 

# MAC Russian Red: Speaking of classic reds, next to Ruby Woo, Russian Red is a cult-favourite for a number of reasons: matte but creamy formula, great longevity, blue-ish undertone that makes your teeth look whiter ... need I say more? 

# KIKO Ace of Diamond Lipliner "Refined Burgundy": Now if I'm looking for a lipliner that works with darker reds, this KIKO lipliner is my first choice. It has a perfectly creamy formula that still has great staying power and works well with a number of darkish reds and plum hues, so I reach for it quite often.

# MAC Diva: If you're not into the bright reds, I'd strongly suggest to try Diva if you're looking for a darker red - the longevity of this lipstick is crazy due to its matte formula, and it's the perfect vampy lip colour for Winter. If you prefer a little more shine, MAC Dark Side might be for you since it has an amplified finish which isn't matte but still offers a lot of pigment. 

When it comes to red shades, I'm definitely settled for the festive season! I deliberately tried to include shades that aren't limited edition from one year ago because it's always annoying to look at pretty things that aren't available anymore - it's a pain I've definitely felt before! 

Which lipsticks are your favourites for the upcomig season? :)

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  1. Wow you have a great collection of reds! I wish I could get away with red lipsticks but I feel that they make the redness in my skin standout, unless I have a very high coverage foundation on. MAC Diva looks rather lovely as like you say it is a more vampy alternative to bright reds. Definitely going to swatch this one :).


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