Saturday, 31 January 2015

January Favourites

From left to right: Maybelline Colour Tattoo "On and On Bronze" - Catrice LE "Meet Berry" Blush (both shades) - Essence LE "Rose It Up!" Higlighter 

I feel like I only blinked once or twice, and then suddenly January was already over. The first month of 2015 is already gone, and that feels kind of mental to me and I don't know why? Like any other month, I looked at my calendar the other day and I noticed that it was probably a good idea to think about my January favourites, and my mind was blank. The past month wasn't too exciting makeup-wise for me, mostly because I'm on a tight budget right now and I don't want to buy new products for the very same reason - it's all about shopping the stash right now! So let's see what I dug out of the depths of my makeup drawers ...

# Essence "be berry now!" Nail Polish: This nail polish is definitely one of my most worn ones in the past few months. I initially bought at the beginning of Autumn because just as everybody else, as soon as September rolls around I'm all about the berry tones when it comes to makeup - eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polish; it doesn't matter. It's such an easy colour to wear and I much prefer it over a classic red on my nails! Essence is of course ridiculously cheap, I think I paid about 1,50€ for this bottle, so one really can't go wrong there. (Here's another post about this particular shade!)

# Essence "Rose It Up!" Highlighter (LE): I really love highlighter. I suppose my most used highlighters are the highlight shade from the Sleek Contour Kit in Light (out of convenience because I use the bronzing shade so often) as well as the LUSH Feeling Younger Skin Tint, but I still wanted to change it up a little lately. I went through my drawers and came across this beauty again; compared to the other two highlighters, this gives a more subtle, rosy glow which I absolutely love right now. Unfortunately it is an LE product, but I feel like both Essence and Catrice frequently come out with similar highlighters in their limited editions, so they're always worth checking out! 

# Catrice Camouflage Cream: This might be a bit of a boring product to stick into a monthly favourites post, but when it comes to really annoying red blemishes, this is simply the best concealer I have in my collection! As you can see, I've already used quite a bit of it already as I've already hit pan in the little pot. It really does what the name says - it's a rather thick formula that perfectly camouflages redness and other imperfections. It's not meant to be used for dark circles under the eyes, however, as the formula is way too thick for that - but as a heavy duty concealer for really pesky blemishes, this is perfect. (Here's a more in-depth post on the product!) 

# Catrice "Meet Berry" Blush (LE): Similar as with highlighter, I wanted to change it up a bit when it comes to blushes this past month. I usually wear peachy shades on my cheeks, but since I've been a bit obsessed with the colour purple for some time now (still so thrilled that MAC Heroine is a permanent lipstick now!), I started using this purple blush some more this month. Granted, it may look a bit scary in the pan, but applied it's actually a really nice, cool-toned rose shade; nothing too flashy at all. Again, this is unfortunately a limited edition product, but that happens when you're trying to rediscover the things you already have, I'm afraid - sorry! 

# Maybelline Colour Tattoo "On and On Bronze": An oldie but a goodie. I feel like everyone and their mother owns at least one of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, and with good reason - they're great budget options when it comes to a decent cream eyeshadow and they are a fabulous base for layering powder eyeshadow on top! The shade "On and On Bronze" seems to be a cult favourite by now, simply for the reason that it looks beautiful worn on its own as well as layered with neutral powder eyeshadows. I used it a lot as a base this past month, and even though the product has dried a bit after being in my possession for over two years, it still works great when I apply it with my fingertips because it warms up the formula a little and makes it apply smoother. Definitely a winner.  

# LUSH "No Drought" Dry Shampoo: I really must thank my friend Anna who works at LUSH for recommending this dry shampoo to me; nowadays I seldomly reach for dry shampoos that come in a spray can anymore because I simply like this better! Yes, it can be a little messy because it's essentially a powder, but I still love the fresh citrus smell and the how it can be worked so easily into my roots and hardly leaves any residue (even though my hair is quite dark and it's a light powder!). It's also definitely an added bonus that this stuff lasts me forever - I've had this little bottle for months now and use it quite often, and I've still not even gone halfway through it! (Read my initial review here.)

# Handing in my MA Thesis: My favourite thing about this month has nothing to do with beauty products, however. I've finally been able to hand in my MA thesis and I'm so thrilled that I don't have to edit, rewrite or change the layout of this monster anymore. I have such a newfound appreciation for authors of any kind - this thesis is not a book by any means, but it's still about 100 pages long, and I really loved the topic I wrote about ... and still started to despise it in the end! That being said, I'm glad it's out of my hands now - now all that's left to do for me is wait for the date of my final exam and then it's bye bye university for now! 

All that being said, I know that I haven't blogged as frequently or consistently in January, especially compared to all of 2014 - that was mostly due to me wanting to finish my thesis and yes, also lack of inspiration I suppose. My mind was just elsewhere in the past few weeks. I still hope to get back on track now and find a posting schedule that works for me, because I do love blogging and putting content out there! 

Hope you all had a great start into the new year! 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tagged - Liebster Award

I've seen this tag/award make the rounds on blogs long before I even started blogging, but I kind of forgot that it was a thing, if that makes sense. So I was quite surprised when I got two comments telling me that they 'nominated' me - so thanks to Jordan and Courtney! :)
I think this is a nice little idea to promote smaller blogs, and I've never done a tag post like this before anyways - so here we go! :)

The Rules:
Thank the person who nominated you. - Check!
Answer the questions from your nominator. - Guess I'm going to do double the amount then, haha.
Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers. - I'll see who I can come up with.
Create 11 new questions. - That I can do!
Notify your nominess through social media/their blogs. - Alright!

Jordan's questions:
1. What is your favourite beauty brand?
Budget/drugstore: Catrice and KIKO; High end: MAC, NARS and Urban Decay. (Did you seriously think I could only pick one?)
2. Most beautiful woman in the world?
That's a highly subjective question, but judging from the pretty ladies I like to reblog on tumblr: Scarlett Johansson, Hayley Atwell, Katie McGrath, and that's not even all of them; there's so many beautiful women out there!
3. What is your favourite movie?
Can I just tell you my favourite movies of 2014 instead of picking one ultimate movie? Okay? In that case, 'Pride' and 'What We Did On Our Holiday'.
4. Where do you hope to be in 10 years time and what do you hope to be doing?
Hopefully in a job that's not behind a register, preferrably where I can use my degree in some way.
5. Tell us something not many people know about you.
I'm a total hypochrondriac and think I'm going to die because of the silliest reasons.
6. What beauty product could you not live without?
7. Twitter or Instagram?
Instagram connected to Twitter? I prefer Instagram because I like the aesthetic more.
8. If you could have a superpower what would you have? 
I want them all! My top 3: being able to fly, being able to beam myself any place I want to go, making myself invisible. If that's not possible, I just want to be Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, ok?
9. How long have you been blogging?
Since July 2014 on this blog, but I've had other blogs in the past.
10. Explain the name of your blog. 
Tanja is obviously my name, and Whatsername is the last song on Green Day's American Idiot, the album I've been obsessing over ever since I was 13.

Courtney's questions:
1. What is your favourite food?
Everything that's unhealthy. I'm thankful for every way I can eat potatoes.
2. What is your favourite beauty product?
Again, I'll have to say lipstick.
3. In what year were you born?
4. Who is your celebrity crush?
There's literally too many. You can look at my tumblr and check out all the beautiful people I'd like to marry there though!
5. What is your favourite lipstick colour to wear?
Berry-toned reds.
6. Do you have any siblings?
I have a big brother who is two years older than me.
7. What is your favourite TV series?
Again, so many, so I'll do favourite TV series of 2014 instead. That would be Doctor Who, which I started watching in October or November and binge-watched until I finished it all. What a scarring experience.
8. Who is your favourite singer/band?
I know I'm awful, but that's like making a mother choose her favourite kid. I post a lot about music on here though, so if you're a regular reader, you'd know anyways! :)
9. What is your favourite perfume?
Madame by Jean Paul Gaultier.
10. Would you rather live in a world where there are no problems or a world where you rule? 
So philosophical. If it really were that easy, I'd choose a world without problems! The desire of wanting to rule the world surely results from having one too many problems, so if there aren't any to begin with, why would I want to rule everyone?
11. Chocolate or sweets? 

I nominate:
Emma Alexandra from Velveteen Roses
Cydney from A Lush Life
Melane from Pure Perspective
Cesca from Cesca's Retail Retreat
Özge from Hues of Her
Kadidja from Writing June

Not quite 11 people, but I tried okay! :D

My questions: 
1. Living in the city or on the countryside?
2. Favourite book(s)?
3. Do you have any tattoos?
4. Red or nude lipstick?
5. Which places would you like to travel next?
6. If you could time travel, where would you go first?
7. If you could change anything about your appearance, what would it be?
8. Favourite music album?
9. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
10. Tea or coffee?
11. Favourite hobby next to blogging?

Monday, 26 January 2015

Empty Products #4

I'm back with another round of empty products! Don't you just love the sense of completion when you finish a product ... I certainly do! So here's the list of stuff I've finished lately:

# The Body Shop Camomille Silky Cleansing Oil: I absolutely love this cleansing oil, and I have to say it lasted me absolutely ages. It smells amazing and really gets the job done, I can absolutely recommend this product and I have already repurchased it. (Here is a review of it from the very early days of my blog!)

# Balea Aqua Serum: I feel like I've had these in every empty products post I put up so far ... What can I say, it's very affordable with great packaging (it comes with a pump!) and injects moisture back into my skin when I need it. Haven't repurchased it yet as my skin isn't too dry at the moment, but I definitely will as soon as I feel like I need it again. 

# Impulse True Love Freesia & Tangerine: My friend Dani has made me slightly addicted to this body spray, so now I always carry it around in my handbag because it's a fairly small bottle and super-handy when you feel a little sweaty. Even though we have Impulse in Austria, this fragrance is not currently available in stores, so we always stock up when one of us has the chance to visit Boots! 

# Essence Match 2 Cover Cream Concealer: Yes I know, there's still some concealer left in this, but as you can see I'm scraping the edges of the pans by now. Another wonderful budget-friendly product that comes with two shades of concealer that can be worn seperately or mixed. I still have other concealers in my collection at the moment, but I can see myself repurchasing this when I run out of the others! (Full review here!)

# The Body Shop Lip Butter: I always have some lip butter lying around on my bedside table, and this Body Shop one lasted me for a long long time. I absolutely adored the scent (dragonfruit, I think), and I think it was a pretty decent lip balm overall. I'm not too picky when it comes to lip balms and butters because my lips are seldomly dry or chapped, so I feel like most of them do the job right for me. I'm currently using one of the Nivea (fun fact: it's called Labello in Austria) lip butters right now though, so I don't see myself repurchasing it soon. 

# Catrice Glamour Doll Volume Mascara: This is my favourite drugstore mascara of choice - it's cheap, I like the formula, I like the wand, and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. For about 3-4€, this is a very solid product that I see myself purchasing as soon as my other mascaras dry up! 

Monday, 19 January 2015

No Bronzer, Just Blush

2014 was definitely dominated by the "heavy contour" trend - and while bronzer, blush and highlighter have pretty much all been part of my routine in the past year, I felt like changing it up a bit. Maybe it's the typical "new year, new me" mentality that gets a hold of us even though we like to pretend it doesn't affect us? Who knows.

Even though most I often feel like my face is too chubby to get away without a contour, I actually really like the "no bronzer, just blush" (and a bit of highlighter) look! Today I went for a matte purple blush which looks kind of unwearable in the pan but actually shows up as a really pretty, dusky pink colour on the cheeks - it's by Catrice, and unfortunately LE from many many months ago. Same goes for the highlight, it's by Catrice's sister brand Essence and also an LE product. I know it's absolutely annoying when people blog about stuff one can't get a hold of anymore, but today it's more about the general idea of "less is more" and not the products itself! 

Should you be wondering, my eyeshadows are all shades from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, and I'm wearing MAC Craving (Amplified) on my lips. 

What do you think about skipping bronzer/contour powder? Do you even wear it on a regular basis or is that just me anyway? 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Review: KIKO Precision Eyeliner

First product review of 2015, wohoo!
I must admit that the KIKO Precision Eyeliner is not exactly a recent buy, I definitely bought it around about three months ago ... then again, that only means I had enough time to form an opinion about it, right? So here we go!

I don't use liquid liner on a daily basis anymore, and for the longest time I've used the Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner (which you can see in action here), which is a super-affordable product that I can still only recommend - get the waterproof version and it will last all day! Still, when I ran out of that one, I thought about trying something new because, well ... that's what beauty addicts do! So I thought since KIKO is one of my favourite brands, why not try somehing from their (ridiculously large) collection of eyeliners. 

I bought the KIKO Precision Eyeliner for 6,90€, it comes in black packaging (like all KIKO products that aren't limited edition) and contains 0,08 FL.OZ./2,5ml of product. It has a felt-tip applicator that you can dip into the liquid and then apply to your eyes - pretty standard and simple.

I like that the tip is pretty thin, so you actually have a lot of control about how thick your eyeliner is going to end up when you apply it. It is an opaque black, so it doesn't really need layering as long as there's enough product on the applicator - what I will say is that I feel like I cannot do one whole eye without dipping the applicator back into the liquid because it starts to lack intensity at some point. I like my wings to be pretty thick/accented, so I always need more of the "ink" in order to colour them in fully so that everything looks nice and opaque. When it comes to longevity, I can detect no flaking or smudging towards the end of a regular day, so that's another plus. 

Would I repurchase this product? Yes, but only if it is on offer - which happens quite a lot at KIKO, so who knows. When I run out of this one though, I will probably go back to the Essence Liquid Ink because it's so ridiculously cheap and yet has a great formula! 

Have you tried this eyeliner? If so, what do you think? If not, do you have any eyeliner recommendations for me? :) 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Top 5 CATRICE Products

If you're a regular reader, you'll know that Catrice Cosmetics is one of my favourite budget brands - so I thought it's time to post a roundup of my favourite products from their current line! I settled for a Top 5, even though I've tried (and loved) more products from the brand. The thing is that they swap their regular line of products bi-annually, so sometimes good products get discontinued nonetheless - what you see here should be in stock right now, however! (Please note that the prices might vary from country to country - they're not even the same in Germany and Austria because of taxes etc.!)

# Catrice Nude Illusion Makeup: This is my current go-to foundation! It's a great, lightweight formula with light to medium coverage (for full coverage, look into the Velvet Finish Foundation) that blends very easily into the skin. The only downside to this is that there isn't a great shade selection available, but if you're lucky enough to find a match, this is a great option for a budget foundation! See full review here. (7,99€)

# Catrice Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencils: I've raved about these in a few posts before, but they are just that good! I never was one for pencil eyeliners before, but since I discovered these, I wear them more than liquid liner. They have a super-creamy, pigmented formula and last ages - when I went to remove the swatches on my arm, they had already stained my skin. I always find that when I'm wearing these on my eyes, they easily last the longest and look the best at the end of the day, so I highly recommend these! (3,49€)

# Catrice Illuminating Blush: I've also mentioned this blush before, but I felt like it deserved another mention because I've been using it a lot in the past few months. It has great pigmentation (I usually apply it with a stippling brush) and gives a beautiful peachy glow to the cheeks - perfect for the days where I don't want to wear highlighter and still want my face to look less dull! See full review here. (3,99€)

# Catrice Glamour Doll Volume Mascara: This is one of my two favourite budget mascaras. There's various formulas of the Glamour Doll Mascara, this one being the original one as far as I know. I have tried the Curl & Volume version as well, but I like this way better because of it's formula. It's not as wet and tacky as the Curl & Volume formula and just does what a good mascara is supposed to do: it tints my lashes black, lenghtens them, gives more volume and is super affordable as well! (3,99€)

# Catrice Camouflage Cream: Last but not least I want to mention this heavy-duty concealer! I had this for a while and as you can see it's about to get emptied, but I fee like it's important to mention that the formula of this doesn't change even though I definitely had this in my collection for longer than a year (more like two)! It's a pretty thick, paste-like formula that's brilliant for covering really nasty blemishes/redness, but it's not something you'd want to use for covering dark circles. See full review here. (2,99€)

Do you have Catrice Cosmetics in your country? If so, what's your favourite product from the brand? :)

Friday, 9 January 2015

The Face: #12 - Urban Decay Vice 3 feat. MAC Rebel

It's been a while since I've put together a Face of the Day post - mostly because I don't really plan these and you need halfway decent lighting to get acceptable pictures. My friend Eva has given me a new tripod for my camera (thanks so much again!), so now I'm trying to get the hang of things and see how I can use it best. So naturally I thought the best way to practise is taking a lot of selfies! ;)

I've already written about the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette in my December Favourites; since I got it, it's basically been the only palette I used - there's just such a great variety of shades that lend itself to creating numerous different looks! I'm thinking about doing a series of eye makeup posts featuring the Vice 3, since I'm sure a lot of people got it around and before Christmas and it's just a great palette to play around with! 

For the eyes, I've used the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze as a base for several Vice 3 shades: Lucky (lid), Brokedown (crease), Reign (outer V), Bobby Dazzle (inner corner) and Truth (browbone). I used the Catrice Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencil in Lilac is Back in Nearly Black to define the outer corner of my eyes as well as the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Nude in my waterline. For mascara, I used the KIKO Ultra Tech Curve

For my base I used my Catrice Nude Illusion Make up in Rose Vanilla (which is a way better shade match for me than the one I previously had - suits my mum much better) and the Essence All About Matt! Translucent Fixing Powder (which has been repackaged at least once since I bought it, but still exists!). Pretty sure I used the KIKO Natural Concealer in 01 under my eyes as well, but it would seem that it didn't want to be photographed and sneaked out of the picture above! 

I used LUSH Feeling Younger as a cheekbone highlight (which is unfortunately undetectable on the pictures, apologies), NARS Laguna for a little contour and Catrice Illuminating Blush in I Am Nuts About You as a blush. 

As always, I used the MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in Deep Dark Brunette for my brows - it's become such a staple at this point, I still love it! 

For lipstick, I first lined my lips with the KIKO Daring Game Ace of Diamond lipliner in 27 Refined Burgundy and then filled them in with MAC Rebel, which definitely was my first ever lipstick love and is a tiny little stub by now! 

Phew, that's a long list of products, are you still there? If so, congrats! I tried to include links to  all the reviews of products I've posted before, so if anything especially interests you, click away! :)

Saturday, 3 January 2015

December Favourites

Let's have one last look back into 2014 with this December Favourites post - I'm sorry, I just couldn't manage to put it up sooner (aka at the end of December). But I guess first week of January is still somewhat acceptable? So here's my short and sweet list of favourites ... 

# Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette - Let's start with the obvious showstopper, shall we? This beautiful palette was released in Autumn in the States, but it took some time until it was sold in Europe. It finally came into stock in Austria at douglas two weeks before Christmas, but it seems like they're sold out again now. This was kind of my Christmas present to myself, and I'm in love! I don't know if it makes sense to put up a review with swatches since it's been out a few months now, but if anyone is interested please comment! The quality is the awesomeness that you'd expect from Urban Decay eyeshadows, and the palette actually has quite a few mattes in it which I love - I think they found a great balance when it comes to mixing very neutral and wearable shades with others that are a bit more "out there". If you're an eyeshadow lover, this is definitely worth the money! 

# NARS Douceur Blush - I have an in-depth review of this here. I spent about 10 days around Christmas at my parents' house, and being the idiot that I am I forgot to pack a bronzer. Shock horror, I know. First I obviously immediately thought about going out and get a cheap replacement, but given the fact that it would have been a waste of money considering that I have enough bronzers that I left in my flat, I didn't. Since I had packed Douceur into my makeup bag, I tried to use it less like a blush, but more like a bronzer to give my face a bit of contour, and it actually worked out great! The shade is neutral enough to get away with it and I really like the look of it as a contour shade now, so I will definitely keep using it this way as well! 

# MAC Viva Glam Rihanna - December definitely was the month of red lips, and I remember thinking that I wanted to wear Russian Red on Christmas Eve, but being the genius I am, I obviously forgot to pack that lipstick as well. I did however pack Viva Glam Rihanna, and it turned out to be the perfect red Holiday lipstick! It's something about the Frost finish that I otherwise wouldn't like that makes this lipstick look really festive ...

# Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Hot Pepper - The other red lipstick I adored last month was this one - the liquid lipsticks by Bourjois really have an amazing formula! I love to apply two thin coats for perfect opacity; the shade you get is a beautiful warm to neutral red that would probably suit a lot of different skintones. The lasting power of these is also quite amazing, they definitely survive a bit of eating and drinking, which is always a plus!

# LUSH Let the Good Times Roll - This. Smells. So. Amazing. No but seriously, I sometimes like to just stand in my bathroom and sniff this. Don't judge me unless you've tried it yourself! Jokes aside, this is a great face and body cleanser that smells so nice you'll want to eat it and makes you face really soft - what's not to like? It's not quite as abrasive as Dark Angels (another one of my faves), but it does the job very well regardless and I have no idea why I haven't bought this sooner! 

# Accessorize Handbag - The handbag lingering in the background of these photos was a Christmas present from my parents (thanks Pezi for getting it to them without me knowing, it was a great surprise!) after I've told them that I really like it. It's by Accessorize (unfortunately I can only find links to the brown model right now, mine is a darkish red) and it's quite big and roomy - I love it. I might have also bought a smaller handbag in the same style because I loved it so much and it was on sale, but ssshhhhh, it's a secret. ;) 

And that's it for my last 2014 favourites post! Let's see what 2015 brings then ... 

Friday, 2 January 2015

Hello 2015!

Happy New Year Everyone! 

The first day of the new year is already over, and for me it was a very sleepy one. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had a slow start to the new your though, right? (Also, I'm sure catching up on Doctor Who can also be considered productive - I've arrived at season 8 guys, soon I'll be totally up to date!)

I haven't written a "So long, 2014" post because honestly I don't think it has been a particularly outstanding year for me; I might even say it was a bit "meh" for a number of reasons, but there's no point in dwelling on that now because it is literally in the past now. 

I'm not one to make a big list of new year's resolutions either, but I do see the turning of yet another year as a motivation to make it better and more memorable than the previous one. That being said, I won't be writing a list of things I want to do/see/achieve/insert-other-verb on here, even though I certainly have some things in mind I'd love to see happening in 2015.  

The only thing I am comfortable putting into this post at the moment is that I will certainly keep up blogging as it definitely was one of the better habits I started cultivating in 2014! 

I wish you all an amazing 2015 & may all your dreams and resolutions become reality! :)
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