Saturday, 3 January 2015

December Favourites

Let's have one last look back into 2014 with this December Favourites post - I'm sorry, I just couldn't manage to put it up sooner (aka at the end of December). But I guess first week of January is still somewhat acceptable? So here's my short and sweet list of favourites ... 

# Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette - Let's start with the obvious showstopper, shall we? This beautiful palette was released in Autumn in the States, but it took some time until it was sold in Europe. It finally came into stock in Austria at douglas two weeks before Christmas, but it seems like they're sold out again now. This was kind of my Christmas present to myself, and I'm in love! I don't know if it makes sense to put up a review with swatches since it's been out a few months now, but if anyone is interested please comment! The quality is the awesomeness that you'd expect from Urban Decay eyeshadows, and the palette actually has quite a few mattes in it which I love - I think they found a great balance when it comes to mixing very neutral and wearable shades with others that are a bit more "out there". If you're an eyeshadow lover, this is definitely worth the money! 

# NARS Douceur Blush - I have an in-depth review of this here. I spent about 10 days around Christmas at my parents' house, and being the idiot that I am I forgot to pack a bronzer. Shock horror, I know. First I obviously immediately thought about going out and get a cheap replacement, but given the fact that it would have been a waste of money considering that I have enough bronzers that I left in my flat, I didn't. Since I had packed Douceur into my makeup bag, I tried to use it less like a blush, but more like a bronzer to give my face a bit of contour, and it actually worked out great! The shade is neutral enough to get away with it and I really like the look of it as a contour shade now, so I will definitely keep using it this way as well! 

# MAC Viva Glam Rihanna - December definitely was the month of red lips, and I remember thinking that I wanted to wear Russian Red on Christmas Eve, but being the genius I am, I obviously forgot to pack that lipstick as well. I did however pack Viva Glam Rihanna, and it turned out to be the perfect red Holiday lipstick! It's something about the Frost finish that I otherwise wouldn't like that makes this lipstick look really festive ...

# Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Hot Pepper - The other red lipstick I adored last month was this one - the liquid lipsticks by Bourjois really have an amazing formula! I love to apply two thin coats for perfect opacity; the shade you get is a beautiful warm to neutral red that would probably suit a lot of different skintones. The lasting power of these is also quite amazing, they definitely survive a bit of eating and drinking, which is always a plus!

# LUSH Let the Good Times Roll - This. Smells. So. Amazing. No but seriously, I sometimes like to just stand in my bathroom and sniff this. Don't judge me unless you've tried it yourself! Jokes aside, this is a great face and body cleanser that smells so nice you'll want to eat it and makes you face really soft - what's not to like? It's not quite as abrasive as Dark Angels (another one of my faves), but it does the job very well regardless and I have no idea why I haven't bought this sooner! 

# Accessorize Handbag - The handbag lingering in the background of these photos was a Christmas present from my parents (thanks Pezi for getting it to them without me knowing, it was a great surprise!) after I've told them that I really like it. It's by Accessorize (unfortunately I can only find links to the brown model right now, mine is a darkish red) and it's quite big and roomy - I love it. I might have also bought a smaller handbag in the same style because I loved it so much and it was on sale, but ssshhhhh, it's a secret. ;) 

And that's it for my last 2014 favourites post! Let's see what 2015 brings then ... 


  1. Hello Tanja!! Finding your blog was a pleasant surprise to this sunday night! You definitely gained a new reader!! First because I am from Portugal and was looking for more european beauty bloggers since we share so many brands (and cheaper ones like Kiko, Catrice etc.) and was looking for some reviews on products I'm thinking of purchasing! I absolutely love the style of your posts and scrolled through your entire blog! Thanks for your work! I also found out we are the same age and share some music interests, loved that!
    Always loved make up but never wore much on my daily life. Trying to add a few more things here and there!!
    Have a great week, looking forward to your next posts. :)


  2. And I am also writing my MA thesis and I am obsessed with superhero movies and I'm a foodie (totally trying out your brownie recipe)!

    1. I know we've already talked on Twitter, but as I'm replying to comments on here right now I just wanna say again thanks so much for that kind comment, it seriously brightened my day when I read it! :D x

  3. I have been terrible at keeping up with blog post reading this week, but hopefully my comment is better late than never :). Like i mentioned on instagram, that Vice palette is gorgeous and I have wanted it for some time! I love the fact that it has some bronzey red shades in it, they are my favourite. I didn't get this palette for Christmas but I did get the the Urban Decay Shadow Box, which has some lovely colours, I especially like 'Baked Cowboy' as it is a little more goldy than 'Half Baked' in the original Naked palette. I still haven't tried a Rouge Edition Velvet (shock horror), so I am glad you pointed out that Hot Pepper is a warmer red, I might pick that one up as I am gradually starting to enjoy a bold red lip :).

    1. Same here, so don't worry - can't seem to finish reading through my bloglovin' feed these days! But as you said, better late than never! :D
      I loooove the purple and bronzey red shades as well, they're easily my favourite! I've seen the Shadow Box (only online, don't think we can get it in Austria), and it had some really cool shades as well! Any chance you'll post about it? :)
      I think Hot Pepper is neutral with a tinge of warmth, I really love it! :D


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