Monday, 19 January 2015

No Bronzer, Just Blush

2014 was definitely dominated by the "heavy contour" trend - and while bronzer, blush and highlighter have pretty much all been part of my routine in the past year, I felt like changing it up a bit. Maybe it's the typical "new year, new me" mentality that gets a hold of us even though we like to pretend it doesn't affect us? Who knows.

Even though most I often feel like my face is too chubby to get away without a contour, I actually really like the "no bronzer, just blush" (and a bit of highlighter) look! Today I went for a matte purple blush which looks kind of unwearable in the pan but actually shows up as a really pretty, dusky pink colour on the cheeks - it's by Catrice, and unfortunately LE from many many months ago. Same goes for the highlight, it's by Catrice's sister brand Essence and also an LE product. I know it's absolutely annoying when people blog about stuff one can't get a hold of anymore, but today it's more about the general idea of "less is more" and not the products itself! 

Should you be wondering, my eyeshadows are all shades from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, and I'm wearing MAC Craving (Amplified) on my lips. 

What do you think about skipping bronzer/contour powder? Do you even wear it on a regular basis or is that just me anyway? 


  1. I haven't tried any Essence or Catrice products, I don't think Catrice is available in the UK but it looks like they do some lovely products! I am the same with bronzer, even though I do wear it I don't think it suits my face shape. If I contour too much it makes me look quite gaunt, so I like your fresh look with just blush :). It is a great brightening look for the darker winter months! The blush is a great colour and looks lovely with MAC Craving!

    1. 5 days later I get back to you - I'm so sorry. :D
      Catrice is really great - we're a bit unlucky in Austria and Germany because a lot of the big drugstore brands vanished from the market in our area (Rimmel, Revlon, Bourjois), so I'm happy that Catrice is around, they do some quality products for a great price! :)
      Oh you're right, I didn't even notice it that much when I chose it, but they are really lovely together! :) x

  2. Hi, I've nominated you for a Liebster award! Check it out.
    Peace and love xxx

  3. Heya, I'm liking your blog:)
    Ive nominated you for the liebster Award - check it out here!
    Have you've had a nice day.
    Courtney xo

    1. Thanks to you too, very kind of you to consider me! :) x


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