Tuesday, 10 February 2015

If You're New To Makeup ...

Alternatively: "Drunk Thoughts"

Ideas for posts strike me at the weirdest of times. Friday night when I walked home from drinks with two friends, I suddenly thought about what advice I would give to a person who is completely new to makeup and wants to start exploring the whole beauty world some more ... so I thought why not turn it into a post? And here I am!

A little disclaimer before I start: I am in no way claiming that I am a professional on any level when it comes to makeup or that my advice will be helpful to everybody! It's just that over the years, especially when I meet new people, they would sometimes comment on my makeup and ask me about it. I always love when my friends (or anyone really) ask me for advice about makeup because it's just something I'm passionate about, so I thought it would be nice to compile a very basic list of things I would tell someone who is "a noob" about all things beauty related! 

# High end brands are not the be all, end all. 
The more you get into beauty, read blogs and watch YouTube, the more knowledge you accumulate about brands and their prestige. Just because a product is expensive doesn't mean it's "the shit", however. Likewise, really affordable products don't have to be bad quality. If you lack basic knowledge and skill, your high-end foundation will still look awful if you don't know how to blend it down your neck. 

# Everyone can rock red lipstick. 
I'm a self-proclaimed lipstick junkie and wear it all the time - when I don't wear lipstick, people actively comment on it because it's a seldom occassion. I often hear girls say that they can't wear red/bold lipstick because they just don't suit it, but in my opinion there's a shade of red for everyone out there! You just have to find the right one (with the help of a friend, blogs, trial and error or a really nice sales assistant) and have the balls to rock it. 

# Nobody aced the winged liner right at the beginning. 
When it comes to winged eyeliner, it's all about practice. Not even the best makeup artist in the world was born with the ability to draw the perfect cat eye - it's a skill that develops over time. Don't be discouraged when your first attempts at winged eyeliner fail, we've all been there and it gets better. And even after you've mastered it, there's still those days where you just can't get it to look right and you draw on your eyeliner thicker and thicker in a desperate attempt to cover up wonky lines. That's life. 

# Experimenting is fun.
In my opinion, makeup is art. It's fun to try out new looks, play around with different colours and finishes and find out what really suits you. Just because everyone else wears neutral makeup all the time doesn't mean that you have to. Obviously there are situations where a bright eyeshadow or bold lipstick are out of place, but why wouldn't you wear that purple lipstick on a Saturday night if you feel like it? 

# Be cautious about false advertising. 
The internet, especially blogs and YouTube channels are a great resource for finding out about new products. Still, it's important to mention that there will always be people (usually with a big and loyal following) who endorse brands and their products by giving positive reviews when the actual products aren't actually that great. Just because your favourite "beauty guru" says that something is awesome really doesn't mean it necessarily is - so be cautious and don't waste your money on things you don't need. 

# Look up swatches. 
To me, the best method about finding out whether you would potentially like a new product or not is look up reviews and swatches online. Sure, your computer screen will never give you an exact idea of what the actual product while look like, but you still get a general gist. This is crucial especially if you have to order a product online because it's not available in your country - you want to make sure it's right for you. Nobody likes to flush money down the drain just because they were uninformed. 

# We all fail sometimes. 
No matter how perfect you think that someone's makeup is, I guarantee you that they didn't always look that flawless. Everyone tries out looks that don't suit them from time to time, it's all about trial and error. Sometimes we notice it right away, sometimes we wear a certain look for a longer period of time before it hits us and we wonder why we would ever apply our makeup in that particular way. Tastes change, and so does the way you think about beauty. 

# Don't let others get you down. 
If you're just getting into makeup, chances are high that some people will comment negatively about the things you're putting on your face even though they have no clue themselves. To that, I just say: fuck them. If you feel comfortable in your own skin and you think your makeup look is awesome, it is awesome. It's natural for us humans to be judgemental about others (and I am too), but even when I don't understand why a person chooses to do their makeup the way they do, I always try to remind myself that it at the end of the day, it's none of my business at all. 

# It's not a necessity. 
I love makeup, I love inquiring about new products, and I obviously love sharing my thoughts about it online and in "real life". So when I'm talking about all these beauty-related things, I still want you to keep in mind that especially if you're young, you should never actually feel pressured to wear makeup because you think it's what is expected of you. You decide what you want to look like, and what kind funny things with funny names you want to put on your face (or not!). In the end, all the makeup in the world won't conceal a shitty character.

What do you guys think? Anything to add? :) 


  1. "there's a shade of red for everyone out there!" That's soo cute - and true! I remember when I would have never even touched red lipstick because I thought it'd look 'wrong' on me. Now I love it :D

    1. It's true though! :D Everyone should wear red lipstick and look like they could kill a man ;)


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