Thursday, 5 February 2015

Review: Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover

Today's post has a different topic than my usual ramblings about makeup (or music) ... it's hair! I don't write about hair-related stuff too often, for the simple reason that I'm pretty "boring" when it comes to my hair. I'm too lazy to straighten or curl it, and the only time I'm getting adventurous is when I forgot to wash my hair and need to conceal greasy roots by doing some braids. 

In November, I dyed my then dark brown hair (also dyed) a darkish red which I initially liked, but after my roots grew out my hair was three colours: light brown roots, a pretty red section from where my light roots gripped the dye better, and relatively dark lenghts. Not a good look, so I wanted a change. Anyone who dyed their hair dark will know that it's kinda hard to change it up again and lighten it, especially when you don't want to ruin relatively healthy hair by bleaching it. 

A few weeks ago, my friend Dani tried out Colour B4, a product that claims to strip your hair of dark hair dye pigments without the help of bleach or ammoniac. It worked out pretty well for her, as it turned her hair colour from a very dark brown to a lighter shade of brown - it didn't go patchy, and it didn't fuck up her hair in any other way. So with that in mind, I also wanted to try this product!

I bought the version that's made especially for stripping the hair of very dark hair dye, but I think they do two other ones depending on the customer's needs. Applicaton is rather simple: 

1) Apply the mixture to dry, freshly washed hair; if you have long/thick hair, the instructions say you can wrap your hair with cling film in order to keep the heat "inside", it helps to activate whatever chemicals Colour B4 consists of. 

2) Wait for 60 minutes, and then rinse for 10 minutes with warm water. After that, apply the protective treatment, wait for another minute and then rinse for another 5 minutes. After that is done, apply the protective treatment again and wash it out like you would with shampoo. 

I didn't expect this product to work miracles, and I was kind of scared that it would go completely patchy or that I would turn ginger - but as you can see on the pictures above, that didn't happen! 

Did it strip my hair of all the hair dye it has accumulated over the years and restore my natural hair colour? Obviously not, but I didn't expect it to either. As you can see, my roots are a lot lighter than the rest of my hair, which is probably due to the fact that there weren't as many layers of hair dye that could have been removed compared to the lenghts of my hair. 

Did it damage my hair in any way? Not at all. I have very thick, healthy hair as it is; it would take a lot of bleach to visibly damage it, I think. Colour B4 stripped my hair of some dark pigment, but it left my hair undamaged otherwise. It also says in the instructions that because of the protective treatment, it would be absolutely okay to dye your hair immediately after using Colour B4. 

Would I recommend Colour B4? Really depends on what you're looking for. If you recently died your hair a dark shade and don't really like it and want to lighten it a few nuances, try it. Now that my hair is a bit lighter, I might dye it a lighter colour to get away from the very dark brown for a while, which is something I couldn't have done with my previous colour. 

Additional thoughts? Be aware that Colour B4 does not smell particularly nice. I've seen reviews where people have compared the scent to rotten eggs, which I think is a bit of an exaggeration, but then again I am not that sensitive when it comes to smells. Either way, it doesn't smell pleasant, but for me the smell was gone after rinsing. Other than that, I'm pretty impressed that it removed the red as well as it did; yes, my hair still has a very warm undertone, but I think that's mostly due to the fact that my natural colour does have a warm undertone/some red pigment in it. 

I hope this was helpful to everyone who has heard about Colour B4 and wasn't sure about trying it out, or is thinking about lightening their hair without having to bleach it! :)

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