Friday, 20 February 2015

Review: Nivea Micellar Water

How did we remove our makeup before micellar waters were a thing? Yeah, I don't remember either. The trend towards using micellar waters for makeup removal was definitely started by Bioderma, but by now there are loads of different ones on the market. This is defnitely a good thing, since Bioderma isn't easily attainable for everybody and now that a lot of global brands jumped on the bandwagon, micellar waters are accessible everywhere - in a lot of different price ranges. 

Personally, I've never tried Bioderma because it's just not available in Austria. As soon as Garnier brought out their Micellar Cleansing Water however, I thought it was time to try this miracle formula! I'm still not quite sure how it really works because it's almost like magic, but it does the job beautifully - I'm a fan! (Here's a review from one of my very early beauty blogging days ...) 

I also convinced my mum to switch to micellar waters, and when the Garnier bottle at our house was empty, I made sure to restock but bought the Nivea Micellar Water instead - Cesca has mentioned it to me a few times now, and I was curious! It comes in a 200ml bottle, so therefore it contains only half the amount of product compared to the Garnier version - it's also cheaper, however. I think I paid around 3-4 € for it, while the Garnier bottle usually costs between 7-8 €

Both Nivea and Garnier have very similar formulas - it's a clear liquid (that looks like normal water, duh) that, combined with a cotton pad, easily removes makeup from your face. I usually use micellar waters as a second step in my routine - I do a first cleanse with my Body Shop Camomille Silky Cleansing Oil and then clean up the rest of my face with a micellar water which leaves my face feeling squeaky clean. The only minor difference I noticed is that the Nivea formula feels a bit more wet on the skin compared to the Garnier one; so if that's an issue for you, keep that in mind. 

Repurchase Nivea or Garnier? I really like both options, and I will repurchase depending on my needs. I like to have the big 400ml Garnier bottle in my bathroom for the simple reason that it lasts me ages and I don't have to worry about running out of product for a while. If I was a frequent traveller however, I'd probably opt for the Nivea version because the 200ml bottle is just so much more practical to pack! Generally, I feel like you can't go wrong with either one. 

Do you use micellar waters? What's your favourite one? :)

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