Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The "I Wish It Was Spring" Palette

Maybe you've noticed, but I haven't really bought and reviewed a lot of new makeup and beauty items since December - mostly due to me not having the budget right now, but also because I want to embrace and use all the stuff I already have. Shopping my own stash became essential in the last two months, and with February almost over, I am craving Spring. Not only when it comes to the weather, but also in makeup. 

The Sleek "Oh So Special" eyeshadow palette is one of the first things that comes to my mind when I think of my makeup stash and Spring inspired makeup. There's no other palette in my collection that has this many soft rose, mauve and bronze shades, including matte highlighting and blending colours, than this beauty here. I love the rose and bronze shimmer shades in this palette especially, and I love how they included these neutral blending shades as well - the light cream or the light brown are my favourites. It's very easy to create complete looks with this palette, which is always very practical. 

I'm not too crazy about the two matte pinky-coral shades in this palette as eyeshadows - although sometimes I quite like to use them paired with black cat eyeliner, it gives a very cool effect. They're still not going unused, because even though they can be hard to work with as eyeshadow colours, they actually make brilliant matte blushes! I'm all for products I can use for multiple purposes, so there's actually not one shade in this palette I'm not getting use of! 

I have four Sleek eyeshadow palettes, and they're all amazing quality. They're insanely pigmented, they have a great balance of mattes, shimmers and glitters, and they have a very smooth and buttery texture - even the mattes! For all of those who are not based in the UK (like me), Sleek have their own website and are also on Amazon, so getting your hands on their most popular products is actually pretty easy nowadays! 

Do you like Sleek? Tell me your favourite products from the brand! :) 

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