Monday, 2 February 2015

Top 6 KIKO Products

Since I did a post on my favourite Catrice products not too long ago, I figured I could do the same for KIKO as it's another brand I love and always go back to! I know that not every country has KIKO stores, but their online shop actually delivers to a lot of countries - so no matter where you're from, take a look, and you might be lucky even if there's no stores around you! 
So without further ado, here's my top six...

# Eyeshadows: I've swatched a lot of KIKO eyeshadows in the past, and no matter if limited edition or in the regular line, they're great quality for the price. I tend to mostly buy LE eyeshadow palettes from KIKO though, because their LE packaging often lures me in and they never shy away from putting matte shades into their palettes, which not a lot of cheaper brands to unfortunately. I've swatched an LE palette from last summer on the picture above and as you can see, the shadows have a really nice colour pay-off and a great texture! 

# 3 in 1 Mat Base Coat/ Top Coat: This is my base coat of choice when it comes to nail polish. It dries super-quickly and leaves your nails with a really nice matte foundation. If I'm feeling the look, I also use it as a top coat over a coloured polish for a matte finish as opposed to the typical glossy one. Definitely one of my most used products from the brand! (For a full guide to KIKO nail polishes, please click here!)

# Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush: I am not the biggest fan of cream blushes, mostly because I feel those that come in a pan always tend to get messy really fast. That's definitely not a problem you get with stick blushes though! The shade I have is a really pretty apricot shade that blends easily and leaves a pretty, fresh glow on the cheeks. Bonus points for the sleek packagin! (For a full review of this particular blush, please click here!)

# Natural Concealer: I bought this concealer in two shades, 01 being the lighter one of the two which I like for brightening undereye circles and 02 being the slightly darker one I like for discolourations and blemishes. These concealers are really small and dinky, which unfortunately obviously means less product. The formula is amazing however, it's pretty opaque yet blendable - what's not to like? (For a full review of these concealers, please click here!)

# Precision Eyeliner: I feel like every beauty addict needs a good black liquid liner in their arsenal, and this eyeliner fits the bill for me. As you can see above, the formula is a nice deep black; it comes with a very thin felt-tip applicator that gives you good control over how thin or thick you want to draw your eyeliner on. (For a full review of this eyeliner, please click here!)

# Ultra Tech Curve Mascara: I originally picked this mascara up on a whim because I knew my current one was getting empty and I wanted to try something new. As the name suggests, this mascara comes with a curved wand that works really well for lengthening and thickening the lashes. The formula is not too wet/tacky and not too dry - I feel like it's always hard describing mascara, but that's the only way I can put it! 

That's it for my top six! One honourable mention would be the KIKO Brush Cleanser, such a nifty product! 

Do you have KIKO in your country? Have you tried their products? Any favourites? :)


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