Thursday, 26 March 2015

Allergy Beauty

Allergy Beauty Tips and Products

So let's talk about something that's absolutely not glamorous, yet is a problem for a lot of us and something we have to deal with every Spring: allergies. Right now, I'm absolutely torn: the sun is finally coming out and temperatures are rising, so all I want is go outside and frolick around and enjoy the weather. At the same time, I'm already noticing my allergies coming back (it's too freaking early, but what can I do ...), and that puts a huge damper on things.

The most annoying thing about the whole allergy problematic is that it completely caught me off guard last year - yes, sometimes my eyes itched in the past, but it was nothing that I couldn't deal with and it normally passed in a matter of two weeks. Last Spring however, itchy eyes were the smallest of my problems: my eyelids and lips were swollen, I had red allergy blotches all over my face and my skin was as dry as the Sahara desert. The whole ordeal lasted for at least two months, the situation being more or less bad depending on how much rain we had. 

I didn't know what to expect from this upcoming season, since my body never reacted this horribly before and I was kind of hoping that maybe it was a one-time-thing, but my lips and nose are already showing first signs of allergy reactions, so ... damn. Since I'm trying to look on the bright side of things however, I thought I might as well write a post about it. Having your face reacting to allergies is bad enough no matter who you are, but when you're a self-proclaimed beauty junkie who likes to put makeup on their face, things get really iffy.

So without further ado, here's just a few tips to help you through allergy season if your face reacts as badly as mine does as soon as pollen start roaming through the air: 

# Get tested for allergies. Before last Spring, I never thought about that because my face never had done such a horrible thing before, but it's definitely good to know what it is that makes your body react the way it does. After my allergy test, it turned out I'm allergic to EVERYTHING. I wish I was kidding, but out of the many substances they tested, 90% of them I turned out to be allergic to. Including cats. (Which is weird because I've been around cats all my life and I never experienced a problem, and I will never give up cuddling cats anyway.) Almost everything that's in bloom come early Spring makes my face freak out, however. 

# Prepare in time. I've had medication prescribed last year which did help to an extent, so I already made sure I get the same ones again so I'm prepared better this Spring. I think one of the biggest problems for me last year was since I wasn't expecting such bad allergy reactions, I had no idea what to do to counteract them. 

# Stay in if you can. This one is basically not practicable because everyone has school, uni or a job to go to normally, but during the two months (April and May for me I guess) allergy season hits you the hardest, just try to reduce the time you spend outside. I always had the desire to sit outside and enjoy the sun like everyone else does, but it's just not worth it when in the evening your face looks like a blotchy angry hot mess. Sad face. 

# Moisturise and stay hydrated. As already mentioned, these allergy reactions combined with the meds suck every bit of moisture out of my face and leave it extremely dry and flaky, especially my nose and the area around my lips. Hydrating face masks are a temporal relief, and I'm also besties with my tub of vaseline now because it's still the most effective way to make sure my lips don't fall off. I already try to drink a lot during the day anyways, but I'm sure drinking a lot of water also helps in a way - so always stay hydrated. 

# Makeup. Wearing makeup is a big problem for me during allergy season - obviously I love to wear it, but I found that most of the time it makes matters worse. So when it gets really bad, I try to wear none at all as often as I can. When that is not an option, I try to still steer away from heavy foundation and just wear a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser. Last year, my eyelids tended to be quite swollen and flaky, so eyeshadow was a no-no as well. Stick to mascara, I guess. The worst thing for me personally is not being able to wear lipstick because my lips tend to be so sore and flaky, but I'll just have to deal I suppose - so no lipstick as long as your lips feel like they're falling off, maybe opt for tinted lip balm instead if you absolutely can't live without some lip colour!

Are you one of the poor souls whose face reacts extremely badly to allergies come Spring? How do you deal with it? Anymore tips? Please share! 

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