Thursday, 12 March 2015

Beauty Blogging on a Budget

Since quitting my retail job towards the end of 2014 to focus on finishing my MA thesis and degree in general, I've been trying to save money wherever I can. Naturally, buying makeup and other beauty related junk was one of the first things that I stopped doing since then. So I'm slightly annoyed because when you read blogs as much as I do, there's that constant feeling at the back of your head that you probably need another lipstick. Then again, a girl has to prioritise and acknowledge the fact that when it comes to choosing between having a fridge full of groceries or the next neutral eyeshadow palette, food always wins. 

I think especially when it comes to beauty blogging, we quickly get the feeling that if we don't instantly buy all the latest releases (haha, as if I'd ever have enough money to do that) we won't be able to keep up. Frankly, that's bullshit. So how do I go about beauty blogging on a budget (or no budget for that matter), you ask? Here's a few tips!

#1 - Shop Your Stash. If you're a beauty blogger, no matter how old your blog is and how long you've been at it, chances are high that you already have a big collection of makeup to play around. So rediscover, review, compare - you don't always need the newest shit to create good content!

#2 - Branch out. I'd say my blog is about 80% beauty related, but I'm not afraid to post about my other interests as well. If your ideas are lacking in the beauty department, try to branch out and post about different things - be it fashion, lifestyle, food or popculture related. Nobody's interests are that single-focused anyways. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to engage with a whole new audience!

#3 - Wishlists. Just because you can't buy stuff for whatever reason doesn't mean that you can't dream about doing so. Online window-shopping can be fun too, so put together that polyvore wishlist of all the pretty things you wished you owned and share it. If you're lucky, your family/friends will stumble over it and feel inspired to get something for you at the next suitable occasion ...

#4 - Top xyz Products. I always like to read posts where people highlight their top products from specific brands; or their favourite products in terms of category, no matter if it's lipstick, blush, eyeshadow or something else. 

#5 - Favourites. Most beauty bloggers do favourites posts at the end of the month anyways - as do I. It's just a nice way to summarise what you really enjoyed using in the past month/whatever time period you chose. It also helps to add some variation into your routine; each month when I put together my favourites post, I think about what I could change up in the following month to prevent getting bored with myself.

#6 - Empties. I think posts that talk about empty products are the ultimate product review posts! Only when you've finished a whole product you'll know how much and why you've liked or disliked it, and if you'd repurchase it or not. And since you're already trying to save money, using up products will happen naturally anyways ...

#7 - Face of the Days. You're a beauty blogger, you already have a lot of makeup - show us what it looks like on your face! I love seeing how other people use and wear their makeup and the looks they create for different occasions - so snap a few pictures next time you feel happy about your makeup!

Do you have anything to add to this list? :)

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