Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Favourites

NARS Laguna, Garnier BB Cream matte, KIKO Kiss Balm, KIKO Precision Eyeliner, KIKO LE Blush

It's March Favourites time! And, as you can see, with a very small selection of products - which is mostly due to pesky allergies already bugging me, so there isn't much going on on the makeup front right now. Still, the monthly favourites post is something I want to hold on to regardless of how many new products or try or how much makeup I actually wear, so here we go ...

NARS Laguna, Garnier BB Cream matte, KIKO Kiss Balm, KIKO Precision Eyeliner, KIKO LE Blush

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Matte - I recently repurchased this because it's just my favourite base product for Spring/Summer. It's lightweight, blends easily into the skin and looks pretty matte even without using powder on top. My only gripe with it is that it has a very runny texture (very different to the original formula of the Garnier BB Cream which is a lot thicker in consistency), so be aware of that - if you're not careful, this spills everywhere. Still, the pros outweigh the cons with this one, so I always come back to it in the end! 

KIKO Precision Eyeliner - Since my lips are already a bit sore because of my allergies, I'm focusing more on my eye makeup (when I wear makeup at all). Lately I've been way too lazy for wearing liquid liner, but I'm getting into it a bit more again. Right now, this is my eyeliner of choice - I have an in-depth review here, if you're interested! 

KIKO Kiss Balm in 02 Apricot - I know I know, I just bought this so it's kind of cheating that I already put it in my monthly favourites, but I really like it - deal with it. ;) If you haven't seen my review, here's a short summary of why I like it: buttery smooth formula, leaves a peachy tint on the lips and has SPF 15! 

Nars Laguna swatches, KIKO LE Blush swatches

KIKO Blush (LE) - I'm going to be upfront right at the beginning: this is a limited edition blush from two summers ago, so it's not available anymore. I've been getting back into using it again though - just look at these swatches! It's really that pigmented, it's amazing. Since I realise it's a dick move to show you products you can't get anymore, I just want to mention that KIKO always has some very pretty limited edition out, and I'm sure they're bringing out something similar to this again very soon - so if you're looking for pretty packaging, great formula and an affordable price, keep an eye out for upcoming LEs! :) 

NARS Laguna Bronzer - As you can see, I'm always out of this product by now, and it makes me sad. Why you ask? Mostly because I never owned a prettier bronzer, because it's way too expensive for me right now and NARS isn't even available in my country. Still, I love this not only for bronzing up my complexion, but also as a single wash of eyeshadow - it's perfect for a lazy day when you just want to look a bit more polished and put together; it's fast and easy!

And that's all for my favourites this month - what have you been liking in March? Tell me in the comments! :) 

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