Monday, 2 March 2015

Self-Promotion vs. Spamming on Social Media

With more and more people creating content and sharing it on the Internet nowadays - be it pieces of art, writing, music or anything else for that matter - using social media platforms as channels for self-promotion has become the norm. Generally, that's a wonderful thing; never before have we been able to share our thoughts and work with a global audience faster than today. However, here's a thin line between keeping it classy while promoting oneself and becoming a straight-up annoying spammer ...

I've been thinking about writing something about this topic for a while now, and it does make for an interesting blog post in my opinion. Now first of all, within the blogging world, I'm a tiny fish in a vast ocean inhabited by much bigger sea monsters than myself, and that's okay. I absolutely understand the need to make yourself and your content be seen, acknowledged, maybe even appreciated. After all, you probably worked hard on whatever it is you're sharing, so naturally you want the world to see. An instagram post here, a tweet including a link there, sharing your content on google+ - that's all something I absolutely do myself and I understand the idea of. 

What I don't get is when people start spamming Instagram profiles or YouTube comment sections of very popular bloggers and content creators in order to promote themselves. Sometimes I scroll through Instagram and see loads of users hardly commenting on the actual picture that has been posted by popular blogger xyz, but just spam the comment section with links to their own blogs and profiles under the disguise of wanting to become "YouTube/ Instagram/ etc. friends". 

Everytime I see someting like this happening, I usually roll my eyes and don't even waste a second even thinking about clicking on that person's profile, link, etc. Since there's so many people spamming the various social media platforms in an act of "shameless self-promotion", it makes me wonder ... Does that actually work for people? 

In a grotesque way, I find this topic absolutely fascinating, so I actually wanted to ask you guys what you think about this! Are you sometimes tempted to click on a spammer's links - because you're genuinely curious or interested? Or are you as skeptical and slightly annoyed as I am when you see these comments? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear other people's opinions! 

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