Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Gym Essentials

Yes, I'm going to be that obnoxious person that thinks she's got everything figured out just because she went to the gym a couple of times. I mean, I definitely haven't figured out how to not die/be able to walk after doing certain leg exercises, but at least I know what to do to feel good about myself while I'm in the gym! 

I practically live next door to the gym, so there's very little people to impress on my way there. Still, after going there a couple of times I just know I feel better about myself when I'm not completely bare-faced. Yes, it's complete and total vanity, but I instantly feel better when I apply some of the Garnier BB Cream to my face - I actually much prefer the matte version of this product, but I won't be buying it until I'm finished with this tube. Principles and stuff, you know. I top that with just a little of the Catrice Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder - that's enough for me not to look like a complete and utter mess with a tomato face after I'm done working out, and it literally takes 1 minute to apply to my face. 

The part that really only caters towards my self-confidence is eyebrows. I feel naked and a bit awkward when I'm not drawing them in, and 100% more self-confident when I do. Since the MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme is so long-wearing, it's also a perfect option for the gym. No amount of face sweat will make this product budge, so why not have your brows on point while working out? Exactly. And since my face looks out of balance with strong, accented brows and nothing else, I just apply a little bit of mascara to my eyelashes to counteract that. 

Growing up in the 90ies, scrunchies were everywhere. And as I kid, I hated the look of them; they just looked so bulky and weird to me. Nowadays, scrunchies are celebrating a little comeback and you know what? Suddenly I think they're amazing for the keeping the hair out of my face, they have a stronger hold on my thick hair than regular hair bands, plus they're really soft and don't leave kinks in my hair. What's not to like? I know scrunchies are definitely not to everyone's taste, but I found that they're perfect for tying back my hair for the gym - I feel like wearing them in a bun on the top of my head works best! 

I always bring my iPod (still missing my iPod touch that got stolen in January so much!) and on-ear headphones because even though it's very entertaining to watch other people work out and see what they're doing whilst on the crosstrainer, listening to music makes it even more entertaining. I never really listen to music without a distraction of some sort these days, so I actually enjoy listening to my favourite albums a lot at the gym. Also, if you're listening to Queen's Don't Stop Me Now and still don't feel like you can do this, all hope might actually be lost for you.

Lastly, because I live next door to the gym, I like to shower at home because well - it's for free and much more convenient. Still, I always bring this small can of the Impulse body spray with me for the few minutes in between - sometimes I make a stop at the grocery store to pick up a smoothie before I get back to my flat, so I'd rather smell like Freesia & Tangerine than ... sweat. 

That's it for my gym essentials - is anyone interested in a workout playlist? I'm very tempted to put one together for myself, and I'd defintiely be willing to share! :) 

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