Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Workout Playlist

Time for another music post! And since I'm pretty sure I covered all the seasons last year, how about a workout playlist? For now, I'm still feeling pretty motivated about going to the gym and what not, and every activity is way more fun when listening to your favourite music is involved - right?

I just compiled a mammoth playlist of stuff that's lingering in my iTunes library waiting to be put into a new playlist for my (okay, my brother's which I borrowed for the time being) iPod. I got a little carried away - it's 84 songs which equals 5+ hours of playing time!

I put it together quite impulsively while browsing through my music; I added a lot of upbeat pop-punk songs and a few timeless classics - you'll know what I mean when you go through the list. I rediscovered so much music I love and haven't listened to in ages in the process, I actually changed the whole setup of my iPod after I made this playlist!
So without further ado, here's a giant list of songs that will accompany me at my next trip to the gym ...

I think Spotify automatically orders everything alphabetically, but I just like to put this playlist on shuffle and see what comes up! Man, I totally forgot about the All-American Rejects - I actually really enjoy their stuff! Same goes for Good Charlotte, their songs just scream "Throwback Time" to me, but I still actually really enjoy their music when the mood strikes. To honour my brother and my friend Dani, I absolutely had to put in some Bon Jovi because come on, how could you not feel motivated while you listen to their anthems! A few other classics that always sneak their way into my playlists of course include the likes of Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Queen and the Rolling Stones, no surprises there! I absolutely wanted to throw some awesome ladies into the mix, so I've included some songs by Florence + the Machine, P!nk and The Sounds as well! 

There's lot of other artists and songs in this playlist, but if you're interested I suggest you browse through it yourself! I love putting together playlists for different occasions, so this was really fun for me to do - as you can see I got a bit too excited and now it's a super-long one, but hey, at least it's very diverse now! 

Hope some of you have similar tastes in music and enjoy this! :)

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