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Empty Products #5 - Skincare

Reviews of Garnier Micellar Water and more

I have this little drawer on my IKEA dressing table that I put my empty products in. These past few days I noticed that it was already jam-packed with empty tubes, bottles and pots, so it was high time for another empty products post. This time I actually have so much stuff that I want to split it up into two posts, one featuring exclusively skincare, the other one makeup. As you can see, today's post is about all the skincare I finished in the past few months!

Review: Garnier Micellar Cleanser All-in-1

Garnier Micellar Cleanser All-in-1
This is either the first or second bottle of this product that I finished, and I already have a new one that I'm using at the moment. It's my favourite of all the budget micellar waters I've tried (that includes L'Oreal, Nivea and Garnier), simply because I love the formula and how big the bottle is. It takes me months to finish one of these, and for the price of around 5-6 € depending on where you buy it, it really is a bargain. 
Previous posts about this include a review & a comparison to the Nivea version

Balea Aqua Moistuiser 
A few months ago I knew I was running low on my Dr. Scheller moisturiser, but I didn't want to spend 13 € on a new pot of that because I was making zero money at this point because I was in between jobs. I opted for the Balea Aqua Moisturiser because I already used the serum from this line and I really liked it, and obviously because it's really cheap (around 2-3 €). It is a light blue gel formula that feels a bit cooling on the skin and absorbs really quickly, perfect for prepping the skin for makeup actually. I'm really happy with this as a budget moisturiser because my skin reacts nicely to it and it's easier to get in Austria - there's literally a DM (that's what the German/Austrian drugstore is called) on every street corner in Vienna. Already repurchased!

Balea Body Oil Harmonie

Balea Body Oil Harmonie 
I bought this some time in 2014, I really have no idea when - sorry. It's another Balea product and costs around 4 €, and it smells divine. If you like the scent of coconut and vanilla, that is! It really is heavily scented, so when you rub this on your body you kind of smell like a pina colada - which is not a bad thing, if you ask me. Somehow my brother totally loves the scent of this and always asks me if I've lit a vanilla candle when I've actually just used this body oil, haha. Apart from the smell, it makes your skin feel super soft, but what I have to say is that I wish it would absorb a bit quicker into the skin than it does. Maybe they've revamped the formula since I've purchased it, but for now I'm not sure if I will buy it again because it left me sitting around half-naked waiting for the oil to completely absorb, and that can be a pain sometimes. 

Review: Dr. Scheller Organic Apothecary Organic Jasmine 24h Moisture Care

Dr. Scheller Organic Apothecary Organic Jasmine 24h Moisture Care
I'm sure I've mentioned this moisturiser in countless empties posts before, because I used it religiously for almost a year. I still like it, and the only reason why I swapped this for the Balea one is because the Dr. Scheller one costs around 13 € and when you're a student who's not making any money, sometimes even that is too expensive. It's still a fabulous moisturiser with a wonderful scent, and it really helped moisturising my dry skin after last year's allergy season. Would recommend and will probably repurchase at one point!

Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub

The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub 
I've been using this product for years and years now. If a product has tea tree in it, you can be sure I am interested in it. Tea tree oil really helped me a lot as a natural remedy when I had horrible acne especially on my shoulders and my back (glamorous, I know), so I'm always interested when products contain tea tree oil. I keep this scrub in my shower as a face scrub, but I have used it on my shoulders as well when I felt like it - it smells really fresh and kind of wakes you up, so that's also a plus. The beads in this are exactly what I want in an exfoliating scrub - they're just the right size and amount so I feel like it makes a difference when I use it. After checking the Body Shop website for the price, I now see that this costs 9,50 € which seems a bit steep ... I'm pretty sure the price went up since I began using this. I'll still probably repurchase it because I'm pretty sure that I'll get 5 € off anyways because of my membership card. 

Phew, done. That's all my skincare empties. Any product you're interested in/ are already using? Let me know! Otherwise, tell me your skincare favourites! :) 

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