Monday, 13 April 2015

Why I Stopped Being A Music Snob & Why Guilty Pleasures Rock

Why I Stopped Being A Music Snob & Why Guilty Pleasures Rock

This might be an odd title for a post, but I've been thinking about this concept for quite a while now. As you all know, I enjoy music as much as the next person. Why else would I blog about it, or write a whole MA thesis about the topic? Exactly. When I was a teenager and just discovered rock music - which, at that point, in my opinion, was the only 'true' genre of popular music that was worth listening to - I was quite the music snob. I thought my taste in music was so much more refined and clearly above those who enjoyed electronic music or the typical "charts" music. What a bunch of bullshit that is!

But I also noticed that as I've gotten older (sounds like I'm a middle-aged woman now, doesn't it), I've grown much more open-minded when it comes to any kind of music, no matter the genre. I don't know why exactly that is, maybe because with the growth of the Internet as a whole, one is exposed too such a variety of artists and genres? Maybe it's also because I'm friends with a bunch of people who all enjoy very different styles of music for themselves, that could also be the reason. While I still can't get behind why some people would enjoy a particular sound, I like to think that I'm not the idiot anymore who thinks that my music taste is something special or better than anyone else's - yay me, go character development! 

I've also realised that nowadays, I only tend to heavily dislike music when the artist is behaving like a real dick in public and towards their fans. For example, I think that both Justin Bieber or Iggy Azalea are idiots that shouldn't be in the spotlight, because they represent an image (especially to young impressionable fans) that I don't agree with at all. Even if their music was something that I technically liked, I couldn't enjoy it because of the public image they choose to represent. If the artist behaves in a way that is "problematic" in my eyes, then I'll also think their content is shitty. That might not be the most grown-up thing to go about this topic, but it's the way it is for me at this point.

At the same time I've come to the conclusion that the concept of having guilty pleasures when it comes to listening to music shouldn't even be a thing. Screw guilty pleasures - if you like song and want to put it on your iPod, you do that! After my iPod was stolen and I went back to using an old model with only 8GB of storage space, I never thought that I would try to actively make space for Taylor Swift's new album, but guess what? That's exactly what I did. It's a great album and every song on it is super-catchy, and I love it. 

The most recent example for my newfound open-mindedness comes in my slight obsession with One Direction. Yep, a boyband. Never in a million years would teenage me have thought that one day, I'd thoroughly enjoy the music made by a boyband. Teenage me would have thought that it's absolutely embarrassing to enjoy the music of boyband that makes the most generic pop music there is. Yet here I am, with my ticket to their show in Vienna, and I couldn't be more excited. Screw you, teenage me. 

What's your relationship to music and genres? Are you/have you been a music snob like me? Tell me in the comments! :D

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