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Review: MAC Brave Lipstick

Review: MAC Brave Lipstick

Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the one. I finally found the perfect nude lipstick that doesn't make look like a corpse and yet goes with everything I wear. So it is my absolute pleasure to present to you ... MAC Brave. I've had this for about two weeks and I already know that it's easily going to be one of my most worn lipsticks, and here's why. 

MAC Brave Lipstick Swatch

This is probably the millionth review of this shade you see - especially in the past months where the trend went back to wearing 90s nude lips, everyone and their mother ran to the nearest MAC counter and bought MAC Brave. For some reason, I couldn't find a counter that had it on display in Vienna, so I ordered it online. Normally I'm very cautious when it comes to ordering lipsticks online, especially nude shades - I feel like I can rock any bright colour, no problem, but with nudes it's not so easy. A lot of them look very off on my face, so when I ordered it "blindly", I just hoped for the best. 

Thankfully, I was not disappointed when it arrived. Once I applied it to my lips, I was happy: finally a nude shade that doesn't completely wash me out, with a mauve undertone that I love in lip colours. Brave comes in a Satin finish, which can be described as semi-matte but not as drying as a fully matte lipstick. One of my other MAC favourites, Rebel, comes in the same finish, so I knew I'd like the formula. It's a very low-maintainence, uncomplicated lipstick to wear - it's weartime is pretty decent, and reapplication isn't a messy affair like it is with more bright shades. 

Swatches MAC Brave MAC Kinda Sexy Charlotte Tilbury Amazing Grace Essence Satin Mauve

When it came to nude lipstick options, I always either grabbed MAC Kinda Sexy (which I'd describe as a 60s nude), or for a more pink but still neutral colour, Charlotte Tilbury's Amazing Grace lipstick. With MAC Brave, I finally found something that sits right in between both of them shade-wise - it's not that extreme of a nude shade than Kinda Sexy is, and still not as pink as Amazing Grace. I either wear it on its own, or for a more defined lipline and extended weartime, paired with Essence's Satin Mauve lip pencil. As with all Essence products, this is super affordable and great quality for the price, and is actually a pretty close match to Brave when it's applied to the lips. Yay!

What's your favourite nude lipstick option? :) Tell me in the comments!

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