Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Fake Leather Backpack

 When I told my friends that I was going to visit Barcelona, my friend Eva told me about Misako, a shop that sells amazing bags for a very reasonable price. My mum and I are both suckers for a pretty handbag, so obviously when we passed a Misako store in the gothic quarter of Barcelona, we had to step inside! I've been looking for a nice, (fake) leather backpack for a while now, and then I saw this beauty ...

I instantly fell in love with this light brown fake leather backpack - I loved the shape, the colour, and the overall look. It's fake leather, but it doesn't feel cheap at all, quite on the contrary it has a very nice feel to it. It has a zip at the top and folds over where it can be closed again with a magnetic button sort of thing. I really like that, because this way it is pretty secure to wear in a crowded place/big city without having to be too afraid of having your stuff stolen - it'll be pretty hard to undo the clasp and open the zipper without it going unnoticed by the wearer! 

The backpack itself is pretty roomy anyway, but theoretically if you don't close it with the magnetic clasp and just closed the zipper, there's even more space. There's also two small compartments in the front that can be opened seperately, so it even has a little extra storage there. 

At the back, there's another small zip compartment which is pretty handy for storing tiny things like keys or train tickets, that kind of thing. The straps are adjustable and could theoretically be unhooked from the backpack completely, but that kind of defeats the point of it being a backpack, right? ;)

The girl in the shop was super lovely when she noticed that my mum and I were both interested in this backpack and actually showed us all the different colours they had in stock. I chose the light brown version you can see on the pictures above, and my mum went for a darkish grey one which is also super nice. They also had it in a more beige shade and a light grey I think - all of them looked great, and at the end I just stuck with the colour I first saw it in, even though they all looked lovely. 

I paid 32,99 €, which is pretty decent for the overall look and quality of the backpack. I linked the website above, they have a webshop - it's in Spanish, but it's pretty easy to navigate even if you dont know the language. They had lots of lovely bags in the shop, my mum actually bought two - which is a good thing, this way she can never judge me when I go overboard buying bags or shoes or makeup.

Do you wear backpacks? Are you as late to the trend as I am? ;)

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