Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Update & Barcelona

Over the past few weeks, my posting schedule has been very sporadic. That annoys me, and I wish I could be more consistent, but I had a lot of other things on my mind lately. So I thought I'll put up another little life update post just so you all know I'm not dead - just busy. :)

As you might know, I graduated from university on March 17th this year. So now that this chapter is over, it's time to pretend to be an adult. You know, looking for jobs and the like. Shortly after my final exam I applied to do some freelance work as an editorial journalist (doesn't that sound fancy?) for a new Austrian startup website that specialises in health and wellness content. Now, a few weeks later, I have the opportunity to make it a fulltime job, which is very exciting!

But before I officially start my first real adult job, I'll be on vacation. As you're reading this, I'm in Barcelona! I haven't been on a proper holiday for ages, and I'm thrilled to be able to explore a new city as well as spend a few days in a warmer climate. (Also, they have Sephora. Need I say more?)

I wanted to post this update to let you know that even though my posts have been a bit sparse over the past few weeks, I still intend to get back on track and find a posting schedule that's organic for me. It might just take me a while to find out what works best, because when I get back from Spain, I have to figure out everything work-related first. 

So basically, dear readers, please hang in there - I love blogging and I want to get back on top of things, I'm just figuring out how! I hope you're all happy & doing well. :) 

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