Friday, 25 September 2015

Is this thing still on ... ?

Long time, no see! 

I have no excuse whatsoever for my blogging hiatus - my archive tells me I last posted in the beginning of June. So it's been four months, and to be quite honest I only started to miss it in the past few weeks. But that's the nice thing about hobbies - you can take breaks whenever you want to and come back to them when you feel like it. 

Where have I been?

At work, mostly! Adjusting to adult life is hard, man. I started my first full-time job in middle of May - so obviously I have a lot less spare time on my hands now. I don't quite know what I expected, but juggling work, getting enough sleep, seeing my friends regularly and an ever-growing obsession with the world's shadiest boyband (don't ask, I don't know wtf is going on either) is not as easy as I thought it would be. Additionally, what I do at my job is kind of similar to blogging (just not as much fun, lol), so I really had no desire to the "same" stuff in my free time as well. 

Why am I back?

Because I miss talking about makeup, mostly! I have been so out of touch with the beauty community, I haven't read a blog post about lipsticks in months! Today I opened my bloglovin' feed and there were about a thousand unread posts (kind of expected it to be even more, but you get the drift). I also miss writing in my favourite language, and I miss gushing about music I enjoy. And at the end of the day, I missed my hobby that brought me so much joy over the past year. So that's that.

What's going to happen?

Nobody knows! Right now I'm really excited about getting into the swing of things again, and the first thing I want to do is remodel the whole layout. Don't know when that's going to happen (I might even start tonight, but who knows), but it's definitely on top of my agenda. I have made no plans about a posting schedule or anything whatsoever, because truth to be told, I don't know if I could stick to that even if I wanted to.

Anything else?

Just happy to be back, really. I'll be quite surprised if any of you guys are still around to read this, if so - hi, thank you, hope you're doing well! I'll talk to you soon. :)

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