Saturday, 10 October 2015

Autumn Lipsticks - MAC Instigator & Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry

Autumn Lipsticks - MAC Instigator & Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry

Autumn – the favourite season of every beauty blogger and tumblr hipster girl there ever was, is and will be – is here, people! I actually just edited an article about why the human brain likes Autum so much for work, it's pretty interesting. (It's because our brain likes the temperature because it's neither too hot or too cold so it has time to enjoy life and doesn't have to warm/cool down our body. Plus it also likes change, but only change that is already familiar – so since the seasons change regularly, our brain is pretty chuffed with that. Cool stuff, right?) ... Anyways, this post is about lipsticks. Dark lipsticks, to be precise!

I wear dark lipstick all year around, but come Autumn I always feel the need to acquire new ones for my collection. This summer, I spent four glorious days in London with my friends, and naturally we went to Selfridges to stare lovingly at the Charlotte Tilbury range. Since her Matte Revolution lipsticks are really as amazing a everyone always claims (I already owned Amazing Grace), I invested into another one from the line – Glastonberry. A beautifuly dark berry shade. Sometime in August, MAC extended their range of matte lipsticks, and they made the shade Instigator (originally from the Punk Couture LE) permanent. It's a beautiful dark violet lipstick and I love it.

The reason why I'm putting these two lipsticks into the same post is my friend Dani. When we were at the MAC store together and I swatched Instigator, I remember her saying something like, "Pretty, but isn't that very similar to Glastonberry?" Since I was convinced that Instigator was way more puple and cool-toned, I bought it anyways – because nobody can have enough dark lipsticks. But I thought a comparison would still be nice for everyone that's looking for a vampy lipstick and needs some inspiration.

Autumn Lipsticks - MAC Instigator & Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry

So as you can see from the swatches, Glastonberry is a tad warmer-toned and lighter than Instigator – it's a bit less "out there", a classic Autumn berry shade. Instigator ends up pretty purple on the lips and is obviously more cool-toned; I really like it as a statement lip paired with less eyeshadow/eyeliner than I usually wear. I think Charlotte Tilbury and MAC both have great matte lipstick formulas – they're both pretty long-lasting and still creamy at the same time. I will say that Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks feel like actual velvet when you apply them to your lips, which is a pretty satisfying feeling ... but in the end, we all know that MAC's matte lipsticks kick ass as well.

There is no better or worse here, they're both great products. I mean, Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks unfortunately come with a ridiculous price tag while MAC lipsticks are still somewhat reasonably priced for what they are ... but if you're a sucker for rose-gold and absolutely beautiful retro packaging, Charlotte is your girl. At the end of the day, there's only one thing that matters: Dark lipsticks rock and so do you, so you should wear them! (Seriously, I've converted so many people to dark lipstick, it suits everyone!)

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