Thursday, 8 October 2015

MAC "In Control" Pro Longwear Lip Pencil

MAC Pro Longwear Pencil "In Control"

It's no secret that I usually turn to MAC when I'm looking for a particular lip colour. Usually I stick with the lipsticks, but I also own two of their regular lip pencils, Spice and Heroine. Spice is one of these 90ies nude shades that's great under a bunch of nude lipsticks (I use it either on its own or in combination with MAC's Kinda Sexy lipstick), and Heroine I bought back when the Heroine lipstick was not part of the permanent range yet. I like the general formula – even though it's pretty dry. The pro longwear formula kicks it up a few notches, however. 

My newest liner love comes in the form of a pro longwear lip pencil in the shade In Control (and yes, this gained my attention because it's name sounds similar to No Control, which you should all listen to right now) – and man, the formula of these is somethin' else! I have never owned a more pigmented, creamy, and yet bulletproof lip colour before.

MAC Pro Longwear Pencil "In Control"

I feel like come Autumn, a lot of us are on the hunt for the perfect deep mauve/ lip colour – I certainly am! The great thing about In Control is that even though it's saturated with pigment and is completely matte, it's still a subtle enough shade for everyday wear. I'm lucky enough to be able to wear pretty much any lip colour I want to on a day to day basis (nobody cares in my office), but I feel like this one would be a great option for people working in environments with stricter dress codes. Yay!

MAC Pro Longwear Pencil "In Control"

There's not a lot of lip colours for comparison in my collection shade wise, but I immediately thought of my MAC Craving lipstick when I first swatched In Control in store. As you can see, Craving has pinker undertones while In Control is more on the brownish/nude side. Same goes for MAC Plumful, which to me is basically Craving with a Lustre finish. I've worn Craving layered over In Control today, which ended up looking very nice if I dare say so myself!

I can definitely see In Control becoming one of my everyday lip favourites. As far as I know, In Control is part of a collection of 15 new pro longwear lip pencils that are going to be permanent from now on – no frantic scrambling for backups necessary, my friends! :)

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