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2015 Makeup Favourites

Happy 2016!
Hope you all had a great holiday season! All I know is that I ate too much food and drank too much alcohol before lunchtime (ah, Christmas...), and that I'm kind of glad it's over? Anyways, I'm going to spare you the "I'm a rubbish blogger who can't seem to work out a schedule" tirade. It doesn't change anything anyways.

Since there are so many posts that I wanted to write but never did, of products I wanted to review and lipsticks I wanted to swatch for you all, here's a roundup of my 2015 makeup favourites! Swatches and in-depth review of certain products might follow at a later point, but man is winter a bad time to take product pictures. Anyways, here we go – I've got three categories for you: Lips, eyes and face products. Let's start with my favourite, shall we?

2015 was the year where I finally found a few nude/peach/light pink lipsticks that work for me! I always thought I was a dark lipstick girl through and through, but my tastes have expanded – which is great, really, because it only means there is a wider spectrum of lip colours to shop for. Mauve shades have definitely been my favourite – that liquid lipstick by Sephora is so, so good! Stays on all day as well. Other than that, I mostly stuck with the brand that got me addicted to lipstick in the first place – good old MAC. But I also dabbled into more high-end lipsticks, and wow – Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution and NARS Audacious lipsticks have a texture that is to die for!

2015 Makeup Favourites lipsticks MAC Charlotte Tilbury KIKO NARS
2015 Makeup Favourites lipsticks MAC Charlotte Tilbury KIKO NARS

From left to right:
MAC Satin lipstick in Brave | Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Amazing Grace | Sephora cream lip stain in 13 Marvelous Mauve | MAC Pro Longwear lip liner in In Control | NARS Audacious liptick in Brigitte | MAC Matte lipstick in Fashion Revival (LE) | KIKO Ace of Diamond lip liner in 27 Refined Burgundy (LE) | MAC Lustre lipstick in Berry Black Friday (LE)

Notes about LE products:
MAC Fashion Revival has been repromoted since I bought it in Autumn '14, and I suppose it will be made permanent sometime in the future – it's such a great shade, it will always sell out. KIKO does some kickass lip liners, especially when part of an LE range, so they're always worth a swatch. I use this shade underneath pretty much every dark lipstick I own – it also looks gorgeous layered with MAC Berry Black Friday, a LE lipstick that my friend Dani kindly gifted me for Christmas (she just knows what I need...)!

Too much is never enough – especially when it comes to eyeshadow palettes! And even though I love my Urban Decay palettes, the quality of all the Makeup Revolution rip-offs (that's what they essentially are) is amazing. I definitely reached for the Iconic Pro 1 a lot in the second half of this year – it's obviously a dupe for the Lorac Pro – my favourite shade being the reddish bronze in the bottom row and all the matte browns from the top row. Insane quality! Apart from eyeshadow primer, I've been a fan of all things cheap and great again: Essence for the win. For brows, I haven't changed my routine in almost two years: MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme is my everything.

2015 Makeup Favourites Makeup Revolution Essence Catrice MAC Urban Decay

Products pictured:
Palette | Makeup Revolution Salvation palette in Iconic Pro 1
Mascara | Essence Lash Princess volume mascara
Eyeliner | Essence Liquid Ink matt eyeliner
Primer | Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original
Brows | MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in Deep Dark Brunette

Even though most of the self-titled beauty gurus say the opposite, I can't really be arsed to buy highend foundation. Especially not when the drugstore does quality products for less € as well, thank you very much – my favourite brand for all things foundation and concealer has definitely been Catrice. I'm on my second NARS Laguna bronzer now, and I still love it. I use a bunch of different highlighters, but I reach for my KIKO cream highlighter most regularly. Similarly, I tend to rotate my blushes, but this Makeup Revolution blush palette is super practical so it's also used almost daily.

2015 Makeup Favourites NARS Makeup Revolution KIKO Catrice

Products pictured:
Palette | Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar andSpice
Foundation | Catrice 12h Matt Mousse Make Up in 020 Nude Rose
Concealer | Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer in 010 Porcelain
Bronzer | NARS Laguna
Highlighter | KIKO Radiant Touch Cream Stick Highlighter in 101 Rose

Aaand that's it for all things makeup I loved in 2015! I loved many more things, obviously, but these are my most used products – that's actually not too big of a list, right? Calls for more makeup shopping in 2016, if you ask me. Know anything I should absolutely try? :)

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